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We select only the finest fashion

MINQ carefully edit’s its collections to bring you the best and most unique offerings that will leave your friends, family and colleagues saying “where did you get that? That’s fantastic!” Our primary goal is to make you feel like the beautiful and confident woman you are, be-it athleisure wear, evening wear, or jewelry and accessories, we have it all!

Fashion Architects

The dressing of an individual makes a statement to the world of who you are and what you are about. At MINQ we have edited a collection to bring out the power in you and help pull out the confidence that already resides in you.

At MINQ, we have the creativity that comes from having a “good eye” and the confidence to know “what works”. There are no wallflowers on this team!

Our motto is to help you be confident and look your best, from athleisure ware to the hottest evening ware, we've got you covered.

MINQ's Heart For Good

Because we believe that we are here for more than just great fashion, but to make a difference in the world we live in, MINQ donates 10% of all profits to Opportunity International and World Vision. We believe that we can all look good and do good at the same time.

Through Opportunity International, we provide funding for entrepreneurs in third-world countries to launch their own business and support their families with dignity.

Through World Vision we help fund wells for clean drinking water in areas where many children die before the age of 5 as the water they are drinking is disease ridden. Together we can give this children a chance for hope, health and a future.

Learn more about the clothing we love and stay in the loop for all the latest fashion news, offers and updates.

Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

 Size 525 Bailey 44 Black Tape Hale Bob Kerisma MINQ Petit Pois
XS 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2
S 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 2-4 2-4 2-4
M 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 6-8 6-8 6-8
L 12-14 12 12 12 8-10 10-12 10-12
XL 14-16


See product description on all items for further product details on sizing. 

The above grid may not apply to all items.